Closing the bones massage. Rebozo hip tightnening

Closing the Bones is a postnatal ritual, a way of celebrating a woman's body and supporting her recovery after pregnancy and childbirth.

It is an abdominal and hip massage with a nurturing use of a rebozo, a type of shawl or scarf.

The massage originates from Ecuador where it is traditionally done within the first few days of birth and repeated numerous times in the first few weeks but it is beneficial at any point after giving birth, it still has benefits even up to years later!

You can find out more info about the technique and the origins of it here.

Post natal recovery massage. Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire

This is a healing and nurturing massage for new mothers, inspired by closing the bones and created by doula and healer Sophie Messager and osteopath Teddy Brookes

It is performed on a massage table and incorporates massage of the abdomen, hips, ribs, chest, shoulders and arms with rebozo rocking techniques all designed to relax and realign a new mother.