Placenta Remedies

Simple preparation

Involves dehydrating your raw placenta and grinding it into a fine powder before putting the powder into the capsules for you to consume. Parents who have chosen this method say that they feel a boost of energy whilst using the capsules. Simple preparation usually yields more capsules than the steamed preparation.


Steamed preparation

Involves steaming the placenta before dehydrating, grinding into a fine powder and placing into capsules. Parents who have chosen this method have reported the capsules to be more calming. Steamed preparation usually yields fewer capsules than the simple preparation.


Combination (50/50)

This method combines both the simple preparation and the steamed preparation to enable you to experience the benefits of both. The placenta is divided into two, half is prepared using the simple method, the other half is prepared using the steamed method.

Placenta tincture

This involves steeping a piece of placenta in alcohol for 6 weeks to make a strong solution that can be diluted in water (10-40 drops) and consumed two or three times a day.

This remedy preserves your placenta for longer and is suitable for ongoing daily use once your placenta capsules have all been consumed. A placenta tincture is an especially great investment if you don't plan on having any more children in the future. It is an excellent life investment!


Placenta smoothies

These are made and consumed within the first 24 hours after birth. There is anecdotal evidence to suggest that consuming a small piece of your placenta shortly after the birth of your baby has many benefits including aiding recovery, slowing bleeding and providing much needed energy after birth. A new hand blender is used for every client to remove the risk of cross contamination. Smoothies are usually made with frozen berries, banana and water but can be adapted to suit your own tastes/needs and it has been reported that the smoothies taste of nothing more than fruit and berries!

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