We were so blessed to find Michelle and for her to be part of our daughter's birth. She is professional and organised but also extremely personable and made me really feel at ease on her first visit.

During labour both and I and my husband appreciated her support physically and emotionally. She helped me to make informed decisions during the hospital birth and was a wonderful advocate when I felt unable to speak up for myself.

The follow up visit after the birth helped me to process what happened and to let go of any negatives and hold onto all of the positive parts of my labour.

I know for sure that the birth of my beautiful little girl would have been very different if Michelle were not there with us. Thank you, Michelle!

- Sarah

Michelle has attended both of my births and each time has shown compassion, cared for me with kindness and used her initiative - knowing what I needed before I did.

Michelle provided me with both pre and post natal support, including helping me breastfeed. She was patient, understanding and knowledgeable.

- Liz

Michelle was so easy to get on with and I just loved her in every way. She had great knowledge and really helped me when I was making my birth plan, to make sure I covered everything.

She was so supportive in all of my decisions and went and did research if she wasn’t sure of anything I asked.


I’m so glad I found her, she helped me have the most amazing experience, I wouldn’t change a thing

- Eva

Michelle was a lovely addition to our pregnancy journey, from beginning to end.

Our antenatal appointments with her always left us feeling joyful and relaxed. She was always very lively and supportive.


She left us to decide what involvement we wanted from her, but was always available whenever we needed to talk.


During my birth, she was very helpful to me as a relaxing voice, and a few wonderful tricks (the fan and cold cloth made SUCH a difference !).


She was also a wonderful help for my partner, and our 2 year old daughter, with whom she connected really well. Saoirse still talks about Michelle and how she showed her all her toys.


She worked wonderfully with our midwives as well. In such uncertain times, her support and presence were pure gold to all of us. She helped safeguard my way to the loving and undisturbed birth I wanted, and I will always be grateful to her for it.


Thank you for everything Michelle ! We loved having you as a part of this journey.

- Jeanne

You were utterly utterly fantastic from the second you arrived to staying a little longer at the end.

I cannot thank you enough for making my wedding day as easy as possible and being so super awesome with little Thomas.

The way you introduced yourself to him slowly, so intuitive to his needs and to mine, often before I even needed to ask, meant you put both of us at ease from the get go.

He was overwhelmed by the day so I can't imagine it was at all easy for you but It felt like I'd known you for years and made it so easy to just know he was in the perfect hands.

Honestly, we were blown away.

- Vicky

Having Michelle as our doula just made everything about my birth experience so much easier.


She had such a calming effect on me and my husband and daughter loved her too.


From supporting me through some tricky antenatal appointments to becoming my improptu birth photographer, it wouldn't have been the same without Michelle there.


She was always at the other end of a text if I needed her and still is because she's become a good friend.


Everyone's reason for wanting a doula is very personal but I promise you that you'll never regret it

- Becca