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Terms and conditions

  1. By completing this booking form, you are requesting the service (s) of a Placenta Remedies Provider (PRP) who is trained and insured to provide the placenta remedies chosen by you.

  2. All placenta remedies are for your own personal use.

  3. The benefits reported from consuming the placenta are anecdotal and without scientific evidence we cannot claim that mothers will receive them. Benefits noted are based on research studies, articles and testimonials.

  4. Placenta Remedies Providers are unable to process placenta services if you have a current or previous diagnosis for HIV/AIDs, Hepatitis B and/or Hepatitis C, CJD.

  5. To ensure safety for all, any equipment utilised in the process of providing placenta remedies to you are subject to current hygiene standards and regulations currently in place in the UK. Hand blenders used for placenta smoothies are 'one use' only unless agreed by Environmental Health and your PRP.

  6. The placenta will be stored correctly in line with the guidance provided by your Placenta Remedies Provider, and those guidelines shared with your midwife or doctor when packaging the placenta for transport. The placenta will be placed into the collection kit or a fridge within 30 minutes of birthing, and you agree to ensure the placenta remains chilled until collection.

  7. Please contact your Placenta Remedies Provider as soon as possible after birth, and within 4 hours to arrange collection.

  8. Your Placenta Remedies Provider cannot be held accountable if the placenta is unavailable for processing due to loss or other reasons beyond influence. Should the situation be beyond control, only the booking deposit is retained. Any further payments which have been made will be refunded.

  9. If contact with your Placenta Remedies Provider is delayed and the placenta is unsuitable for processing due to incorrect storage and handling, the full fee will apply. Please refer to the Chill Guide for full instructions, which you will find in your Collection Kit when it arrives.

  10. By ensuring that the chill chain has been completed fully by yourself, and following all necessary procedures and hygiene protocols, your PRP cannot be held responsible for any results or effects experienced before, during or after consuming the placenta.

  11. Full payment is due at 37 weeks.

  12. By checking the box you agree that all the information you have given is correct and to the best of your knowledge. You also agree to the Terms and Conditions above and you have thoroughly read and will follow all the guidelines in the documents provided in your collection kit to ensure the safe storage of your placenta.

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